James Kluegjklueg@d.umn.edu

+1 218 726 7527

University of Minnesota Duluth
Art and Design
1201 Ordean Ct
Duluth, MN 55812

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Klueg is a semiotic DJ, a proponent of ultra-contemporary 21st century remix culture, an observer of life and society who is as much at home in the kitsch recesses of Google and YouTube as he is in the dust of the ceramics studio.”
—Rob Wittig (opens in new window)

MiraculousMiraculous 2017

Steroid EncrustedSteroid Encrusted 2017

The Modern HighwayThe Modern Highway 2017


IllIll 2017

The ManThe Man 2015

African PrinceAfrican Prince 2015

Annual HellAnnual Hell 2015

RoarRoar 2015

DrownDrown 2015

CurationismCurationism 2015

Years of HappinessYears of Happiness 2014

Subtle DeathSubtle Death 2014

Pretty Abyss Pretty Abyss 2014

InbredInbred 2014

GridGrid 2014

Aluminum JewellreyAluminium Jewellery 2014

MetallurgyMetallurgy 2013

In Later YearsIn Later Years 2013

Fine Crap SignFine Crap Sign 2013

WorseWorse 2013

Fake Dead PartyFake Dead Party 2013

Terse CoupletTerse Couplet 2012

EmotionEmotion 2012

ScentedScented 2012

Bread/CicusesBread/Circuses 2012

Faux Chalet NouveauFaux Chalet Nouveau 2012

Not FatalNot Fatal 2011

Stick/StoneStick/Stone 2011

Burning Romance NovelsBurning Romance Novels 2011

Van OrdinaireVan Ordinaire 2010

Accessorize Your EnnuiAccessorize Your Ennui 2010

Weapons of Mass DestructionWeapons of Mass Seduction 2010

Skilled DevilsSkilled Devils 2010

Expressionism on MuteExpressionism on Mute 2010

Best Laid PlansBest Laid Plans 2010